Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I like the feel of you
Beneath my finger tips
The silent motion of my lips
As they speak you into being
I enjoy seeing. . . . you
Every crevice, every bend
And I pretend
That no one else has held you
The way I will
As your pages spill
Your secretes, truths and lies
And I
Will brand you boldly
Mark you as my own
When we are together
Time . . . stands still

© Ix-Chel Poot


You don’t occupy my mind
But I find
Your presence lingers
Like a shadow . . . barely seen
Something about you streams
Into my day
Its disconcerting the way
You have somehow stayed behind
Elements of you invading my mind
And creating sensations, evoking emotions
So that I am carried out in oceans
Of uncertainty
How can this be?
That you are lingering with me. . . .

© Ix-Chel Poot

Single Girl

He smiles. . . I prentend its not at me
He calls . . . I do not answer
He stops by. . . I get busy
All this back and forth gets me dizzy
He pays me a compliment
I ask if it were meant
For his WIFE.
I smile . . . She turns away
I call . . . She is busy
I stop by. . . She never comes out
Sometimes I feel as if I should shout
Never asked him to stop by
I keep asking him why
He doesn't stay with you. . .
What’s a single girl to do . . .

© Ix-Chel Poot

I Don't Apologize

I don’t apologize
For the fact that I can look you in the eyes
And I won’t pretend or disguise
That I am competent and confident
Perfectly free and independent
I will not hide behind someone else’s name
I’ve found away to tame
The fear you’ve tried to bind me with
So that I would fit
The mold you marked out
I won’t sit and cower
I stand tall and tower
Above everything you’ve put in my path . . .

© Ix-Chel Poot

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Am...

By everything you’ve done
When did I become the one
You abandon, you forget
Never thought I would regret
Having faith in you
But now more than ever it's true
I am tired of being walked over
Pushed under
Forgotten and betrayed
Set up and played
I wish you would walk away
Instead of always asking me to stay

© Ix-Chel Poot

It Is Raining

It is raining
And I remember darkness
Bodies compressed
In sweet surrender
The rumble of thunder
Calls me to be under covers
With you.
It is raining
And I am struggling
To keep my mind where
My body is. . .
My mind is with you there
And I am where . . . you are not
I am caught
In this sweet reverie
Content in the memory of us
It is raining.

© Ix-Chel Poot


She clutches his head to her chest
Where it will rest
Never to rise again
And she calls the name of his friends
Who where there when he drank his first beer
And the first time he got high
But no one will answer why
His time had come
With the shot of a gun
They will all dress in black
Bid him farewell and turn their backs
And two hours
Two days
Two months
Too soon
A mother clears out her dead son’s room

© Ix-Chel Poot

The Lie

It’s like living a lie
Every day I smile that smile
To keep you distracted for a while
To make you believe my world is fine
You’ll never guess that behind this line
Lays the rubble and pieces
Of what my life use to be
The shambles of the real me
So I am an actor
Reciting lines on a stage
Waiting for the curtain to drop
So I can give way to the rage
That keeps me trapped within this world
Where what is without is never, what is within
And tomorrow with the new dawn
The play will once again begin.

© Ix-Chel Poot

I Could Be Her, She Could Be Me

I have judged her
More times than he has shoved her
Spoken her name
In disgust and disdain
In my condescending voice
How my choice
Would never land me in her shoes
That I knew exactly who to choose.
I could never be her and she could
Never be me.
Then the tide turned
And I learned
How to sit subdued
While his voice thundered
And I slowly surrendered
Pieces of my pride
As I tried to hide
What was happening
But every word was a sting.
And the day he grabbed my dress
With emotions less
Than a lover’s caress
I died a million deaths
And took the blame
To hide my shame
And I remembered her name.
He no longer holds back
The urge to slap
Me across the face
Leaving a black and blue trace
Of his devotion
And I have cried oceans
Of tears
Trapped by fears
And suddenly I see
I could be her
And she
She could be me. . .

© Ix-Chel Poot

City Streets

A small boy stands in the city streets
Holds out his hands to those he meets
And there is a pause in time
As I search for a dime
To place in his hand
So I can pretend to understand
What he is going through
And I don’t know if this happens to you
But the minute he gets out of view
It is out of sight and out of mind
Until the next time
I am on that street
And maybe we meet
Then there is a pause in time
As I search my pocket for a dime
So I can pretend
To understand . . . .

© Ix-Chel Poot

Sun God

The sunlight brings me visions of you
Golden brown in your sun kissed hue
As sun rays gently caress your skin
A surface I would love to wrap myself in
And trace its expanse with my finger tips
So that I may connect those dots with my lips
Something about you in sunlight makes me quiver
Sends impulses down my spine; my soul shivers,
I want to be burnt; an offering in you temple
Consumed totally by you . . . it's that simple
So my question to you would have to be
If I worshiped you. . . would you worship me?

© Ix-Chel Poot

Sun God II

Suddenly you appear
Dressed in Sunlight you are here
And everyone disappears
You are all I see, all I hear.
The warmth of your gaze caresses my skin
And my temperature begins
To rise
Beneath the bold strokes of your eyes
Willingly I lay across your altar
In complete surrender
To the ceremony of your love
Let us speak without words
So our heart's melody is heard
In this ritual’s motions
Our bodies covered in potions
Made of sunlight and moon beams
You are more than I dreamed
And I am a prisoner of vice
Eager to perform this sacrifice
The temple is dressed in passion’s hues
The altar is ready. . .
The question is are you?

© Ix-Chel Poot


You have become my muse
And I use
Thoughts of you
To escape this zoo
I call reality.
But I’m glad you
Can’t see
The power you have
Over me.
You’ve become my
The spark of my
All my thoughts flow
In and through
The wonderful idea
Of you.

© Ix-Chel Poot


I think I’m going through withdrawal
I call
Your name
And you aren’t even around
Maybe I just like the sound
It brings you to mind
When time
Has taken you away
What can I say
I was addicted to
Your smile
Your style
And all the while
I was in denial
Now days are longer than they use to be
And I’m missing a part of me
This must be withdrawal
So I’ll call
Your name
When you aren’t around
So I can hear the sound.

© Ix-Chel Poot

You've Taken His Place

You've taken his place
Erased his face
from my memory
unknowingly you've changed me.

You're a dream that has an end
And I don't pretend
That I am not distraught
As I find myself caught
in the reality
of a you without a me.

You've taken his place
Erased his face
from my memory
You've uncovered me.
I stand, walls down
About to drown
in our final chapter
there is no ever after;
just moments in time
when you can be mine
with no rules to break
and love can take
deep breaths of release
and we can piece
together our lives
before circumstance drives
us apart
and stills my awakened heart.

You've taken his place
Erased his face
from my memory
You've rescued me.  . .

© Ix-Chel Poot

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am guilty of playing this game too far
So that we now bare scars
of regret. .
And life's balance is upset.
You've walked through doors
That were never meant for
I've blossomed in your presence
become accustomed to your essence.
But it’s not that simple
life is wrinkled
by chance
and circumstance
I can't undo what has been done
Simply finish what was begun.
I'm ready to crash
not ready to burn
Seems I only learn
the hard way
I'm guilty of wanting you to stay
The same
A lover with no name.

© Ix-Chel Poot